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Customer Support

Customer Support

Goods will be accepted for return for the following reasons:

⇒ If shipment was made without customer’s authorization or order
⇒ If incorrect items were shipped
⇒ If defective items were shipped


To return goods, contact Customer Services at 800-707-7625
for an RMA (Returned Materials Authorization) number.

Please have the following information available before the call:

⇒ Reason you wish to return the goods
⇒ Quantity, description, part number, lot number of the goods
⇒ Date of receipt of order
⇒ Customer Purchase Order and Rocket Medical Invoice number


Full credit will be given to the customer for an item returned due to a processing error by Rocket Medical.

No credit will be given for an item returned unsuitable for restocking.

The following restocking charges and terms will apply:

⇒ 20% within 90 days from date of shipment, goods must be returned unused, full box quantity, in the original carton, and in marketable condition
⇒No return after 90 days


For convenience, a return service label will be issued. Send all returns to:


Rocket Medical. 50 Corporate Park Drive. Suite 890. PEMBROKE. MA. 02359