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Rocket® Pleural Drainage Ranges
Rocket® IPC™ Range - 10 years on
Labour Ward & Fetal Medicine
Rocket® Reproductive Medicine range
Rocket® Colorectal Range
Rocket® OR range
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Rocket Ascites Drainage
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Rocket® EchoCath™ Transfer Catheters

Designed to give reliable catheter tip positioning under ultrasound guidance.
Rocket EchoCath

Rocket® Oocyte Aspiration Needles

Our Spiral Echo™ range offers high performance
high ultrasound definition oocyte aspiration.
Rocket Single Lumen Needle

Rocket® IUI Catheters

Our latest generation IUI's, each designed to improve ease of insertion and minimise uterine trauma
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Rocket® Seldinger Chest Drains

All the benefits of small bore catheterization with the ease and reliability of the Seldinger approach
Rocket Seldinger Chest Drain Pack

Rocket® Safety Drain™

For fluid drainage procedures where a blunt obturator needle is preferred for enhanced safety.
Safety Drain

Rocket® URIGLOW®

For the rapid identification of the lower pelvic ureter during open and laparoscopic surgery.
Rocket® URIGLOW® width=